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Hans Bellstedt

Hans Bellstedt Public Affairs

Economy and society are facing multiple challenges, such as changing demographics, digitization and climate change. hbpa advises and supports its customers in positioning themselves as a solution partner to politicians and the public.

hbpa focusses on several industries, namely:
- Building and Living,
- Circular Economy,
- Digital Economy,
- Energy and Climate,
- Financial Services,
- Health Care
- Mobility and Logistics.

In these sectors, we specify through following current developments closely, studying latest trends and innovations and maintaining a constant exchange with industry and policy experts.  

hbpa's range of advisory offerings includes:
- Content creation (e.g. drafting industry and political narratives, position papers, creating info brochures etc.),
- Dialogue with Stakeholders (e.g. 1:1-Meetings with MoP as well as members of executive branch and its institutions)
- Digital PA (incl. Social Media advice and support),
- Analysis (e.g. early-stage, in-depth analysis about regional or local framework conditions for planned infrastructural projects)
-  Political Monitoring & Intelligence (continuous observation of relevant legislative processes; ad hoc-news to customer in case of important events; regular policy reports with account of recent developments, evaluation and outlook)
- Representation (e.g. representing our customers vis-à-vis political stakeholders) and
- Strategy (SWOT analysis, definition of demands and targets, target groups, Public Affairs measures and milestones).

Being a team of Senior advisors, committed PA professionals and “hungry” Gen-Z’ers, we give everything for our customers. Respect for one another and an open culture of dialogue are important to us. It is our aim to act objectively, fairly and in a future-oriented manner.

Contact: Hans Bellstedt,, Tel. +49 172 2931403,

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