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Ewald van Rooij


Established in 2001 and located in the heart of The Hague (The Netherlands), Lindblom is a full-scale communications, public relations and public affairs consultancy.



Lindblom's services encompass diverse areas, such as:

  • Strategic corporate communications

  • PR and Media relations

  • Public affairs

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Reputation Management

  • Crisis communications

  • Media training

  • Content creation

  • Event management


Recognizing the significant impact of political decision-making on businesses, Lindblom offers expert advice and representation, drawing on nearly two decades of experience in media and political environment in The Hague. To offer enhanced support and representation to clients affected by national and European policy decisions, Lindblom formed a strategic partnership with Ridens Public Affairs in Brussels in 2019. This collaboration enables an integrated approach for their clients.

In the digital era where constant connectivity and real-time conversations are the norm, Lindblom recognizes the need to adapt and deliver compelling content for effective communication. They emphasize the significance of maintaining an organization's reputation through fast yet well-thought-out communication efforts.


Their extensive network and media relationships enable them to effectively reach target audiences through successful PR campaigns, press events, and other unique publicity events. They specialize in strategic communications, utilizing detailed stakeholder analysis and communication plans to aid organizations in making informed decisions. They provide crisis communications support and comprehensive planning to tackle unforeseen challenges.


Lindblom's team crafts engaging narratives for businesses, using various mediums like video, blogs, podcasts, photography, animations, and digital magazines.


Contact:, T. +31654690524,

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