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Claudio Sestili


Noesi Public Affairs, Lobbying & Communication promotes integrated consultancy strategies aimed at building a bridge between institutions and the business world.


The team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in the field of institutional relations, legal advice, and political communication.


NOESI's activity is twofold, moving from the national to the local level, and adapting its focus to the needs of its clients.


Our mission is to provide maximum support to its clients, with the ultimate aim of creating or implementing Institutional Relations for those who rely on its services, capitalizing on its experience of dialogue with central institutions and local authority administrations.


The main activities that NOESI carries out are:


The monitoring we propose consists of reports tailored to our client's needs. More specifically, we produce documents regarding parliamentary, governmental, regulatory, local, and European activities that we send out on a regular basis.



In order to support the positioning of the client with relevant public decision-makers, NOESI works to build an accreditation plan structured on different institutional levels, starting from the stakeholder mapping activity to the implementation phase.



Our goal is to support our clients' interaction with public decision-makers to foster the representation of their interests.


To this end, we plan Institutional Meetings and events and we provide our clients with normative acts, proposals, bills, and amendments.



NOESI also implements Advocacy strategies aiming at promoting its clients' reputation as well as strengthening the consensus on major issues of interest within the public opinion.



To strengthen the image and reputation of our clients, we plan and implement effective communication strategies, both online and offline. The activities we propose range from organizing events and press conferences, promoting information and awareness campaigns, to managing digital reputation and social media communication.


Contact: Claudio Sestili,, T. +39 0689674842,

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